“I would highly recommend these masks as they are very comfortable and fit well. There is no odor to the mask when taken out of the package, as I have experienced with other masks. They are easier to breathe with than other equivalent masks.  The material is soft and it fits nicely against my face without scratching like some other rigid masks do.”

Dr. Giulia DeVuono


“These 95PFE masks are my favorite fit tested approved 95% filtered masks. The mask material is light and breathable which  made working much easier. The ear elastics are strong and sturdy  - and I love that I can support a Canadian company!”

Dr Erin Shave


“I was fit tested and approved to wear these masks in our office.  They are very comfortable to wear and easy to breath through.  I have used other masks before this and the biggest benefits I see is their breathability and their fit.”

Dr Jennifer Hermesmann


“Layfield 95 PFE-L3 masks are fabulous!  My face used to get inflamed and itchy with other masks.  They are very light and form to my face perfectly.  I especially like the adjustable clips. I’m so happy to finally find a mask this comfortable.”


Certified Dental Assistant

“I’ve been very happy with the Layfield 95PFE L3 masks. They are very comfortable to wear, not itchy and my sensitive skin, which is prone to rosacea, has been fine, no flare ups or acne.” 


Dental Hygienist

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